The Offspring – Pretty Fly For A White Guy (Matt Zanardo’s ‘Anthem’ Remix)

Thinking back to just before our artist spotlight with Matt, paroozing though his catalog, this was the preview I was itching to see drop. The nostalgia factor is huge with this one. To see it get a proper upgrade to the times is fly as fuug to. All the quaitables backed by Anthem grade bounce is prime. There will be Offspring Youtube searches as a result no doubt. Play the field, keep it real.

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Rosie June – Sound It Out (Bear Mountain Remix)

Personal favourite of the Last Gang Records roster Bear Mountain’s latest nearly slipped through the cracks unnoticed. As a Vancouverite there is obligation to post, admittedly distances to get travelled if the tune is quality, and it is. You can file this remix of again fellow British Columbian, Nanaimo’s Rosie June under Deep House. The original is from her debut album ‘Listening Post’ , which you can listen to HERE.

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Rambow – Aint Worried Bout Nothin

Another killer to come up from this late night inbox scrummage is NYC’s Rambow. A badman ruff rider in riddem, bass, and Rap all at once. Just gone leave some selects so yall can shake hands and exchange business cards.

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Route 94 – My Love feat. Jess Glynne (Young Bombs Remix)

Stay close to me, your about to hear a Vancouver answer to one the summers biggest. Young Bombs is Martin Kottmeier & Tristan Norton and together they’ve remixed Cazette & Galantis to tremendous response. ‘My Love’ is just shy away from their preceding remix’s place in the festival recap video calibre arena, but still speaks just as loud to the nostalgia factor, and of course, the sounds of summer. The track is free for a like on the duo’s Facebook Page.

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The Presets – NO FUN (Golden Features Remix)

Late night interneting took me to the back of the inbox tonight, the very first page of submissions. Seven months back with the new address. And subsequently to Australia’s Golden Features. Link clicks proceeded to The Presets SC, and then to rest at this promo remix from Golden Features for the The Presets currently underway Check Yo Ponytail Tour. Having been a staple of my now discontinued 160GB iPod Classic for nearing ten years their taste respected to me, so if Golden Features is a go by them, he’s a go by me. Plus his catalog is strong all on solo. Check him, check them.

Golden Features – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Alison Wonderland – I Want U (Slow Graffiti Edit)

Could’t have asked for a more dreamy intro.. Wonderland indeed. It of course breaks into SG’s signature & massive Trap with quick surgical precision. ‘ I Want U’ is a time filler of sorts to keep the masses happy while a new EP is underway. The download thing in exchange for a like on FB yo.

Slow Graffiti – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Estelle – American Boy (Show Clothes Remix)

As a lingering fan of Kanye, ‘American Boy’ remains one of my least favourite features of his. Though as culturally significant as many others it was just too pop than I have often cared to venture. Supposably that makes me a hipster. A point to note though is that Electronica isn’t what it is now and New Disco had not been created (to my knowledge of the time). Thankfully we are where we are now and spin like Chicago’s Show Clothes can indeed be spun. So do the re-up with a chillen twisten then cop the DL.

Show Clothes – Facebook | Soundcloud

SKMB Compilation Vol. 1

Fellow #Vancouver blog crew extraordinaire SKMB released their first compilation to date last month. Yes yes, we’ve been sleeping. Ten full tracks of New Disco and House from Vancouverites, friends and contributors alike make up the released to sum up in perpetuity the blogs taste and sound. The list is long of standouts, but of the standouts to standout is WATSN’s ‘Manson’ because it takes a large bite into the deep n’ dark alone. Check all these guys out as they are going great things in each of their respective scenes.

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Queensyze & Ded Sheppard – Wrong Canadians

East Van Digital marks it’s eighteenth single release with a couple of massive hits from Queensyze & Ded Sheppard. Who ever said Drum & Bass was dead was wrong, let alone Canadian. Despite what felt like an indusrty push last year to bring the genre back it’s tracks like these that will sell people over words. ‘Wrong Canadians’ was the standout on this end, but you can make your own desicions by listening to both tracks from ‘Ghost Massive’ HERE.

Queensyze – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Ded Sheppard – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Birthday Boy – Sacramento (Kneegauze Remix)

Don’t let the internet artwork fool you into thinking Kneegauze took a Seapunk ride over Montreal’s Birthday Boy jazzersized ‘Sacramento’ . It’s still got plenty of lush splashes and feel. There’s just an additional Juke riddim innit to further class the joint. Cop the original & the EP HERE, and the remix above.

Kneegauze – Facebook | Soundcloud

Premiere: Stel Leo & Vintafaux – Cryxtalize

Have you ever heard what happens when Dominican and Bermuda producers go head to head on a collabo? This is your chance. Each artists contribution is easily distinguishable, Stelio Marshall, being a lover of future and all things slowed put over the dirty scratching which initially sent me along listening to Bauuers Harlem Shake and multiple Major Lazer tracks to see who and what had been slowed, only to find minor similarities. And Vintafaux completes the look with a beautiful underlay. ‘Cryxtalize’ is so many kinds of cross pollination it’ hard to place. But rest assured these two island fairing individuals have cooked up one for the books.

Stel Leo – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcoud | Twitter

Vintafaux – Facebook | Soundcloud

Premiere: Mountain Of Youth – Kilimanjaro

We break into a new week premiering a new direction being taken for the length of a series by California’s Mountain Of Youth. Most known for lofty House and Indie Dance numbers all of a more appeasing to softer souls variety, MOY will now focus on Downtempo Cinematic pieces for a time. At a BPM of just 75 and accompanied by melodic keys it can easily serve as a more drastic piece to the soundtrack of your travels. ‘Kilimanjaro’ is strongly encouraged for use in Performance Art / Contemporary Dance / Theatre / Film Score / Ballet by Mountain Of Youth. His having composed for names like AAA Game Titles & Independent Films is grounds enough to take heed from.

Mountain Of Youth –

Kilimanjaro is the first release in a new mountain themed series focused on freedom of expression. The series will feature music that engages your intellect and emotions; painting your imagination with vivid colors and textures.

The first story from Kilimanjaro is a tale of earthen dynamics. From adagio piano’s to pizzicato strings; the rise and fall of a land rich with history and secrets…

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