Premiere: WERK – Adda

Producers with 250 area codes are popping up all over. Just as frequently as those residing in the Lower Mainland itself. If we can’t have a living minimum wage, we can and certainly are leaving a significant cultural imprint. From Victoria, Future Bass artist WERK is gearing up to make himself known throughout as many waves possible. Soon to come from this new to many artist is the 22 year olds debut EP. To date one single with Mallabel Music, a Team Supreme submission and a couple Mr. Carmack esq. title tracks make up his catalog. You may safely take this grimey Future Bass ‘Adda’ as a sign of things to come.

WERK – Soundcloud | Twitter

Kai Exos – Vigilante (WMNSTUDIES REMIX)

Relinquish those early week blues, hump is just one sleep away. After that point it’s smooth sailing to the weekend. So float on in real life to a homegrown #Vancouver soundtrack. The vigilante’s of House in the scene offer up their latest for free via the buy link.

WMNSTUDIES – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: OG Maco – U Guessed It (WHIPPED CREAM Edit)

Continuing not one, but two rolls with this premiere is the Vancouver island gurl steady reppin all the game. Miss Whipped Cream releases a second solo production after a slew collaborations with artists from all corners of the web. Simultaneously steady rolling our week of lean worthy exclusives by remixing OG Marco’s light and gritty hit single into a straight trippy Trap x Juke hybrid. Free download for the masses in exchange for a follow. Bitch you guessed it.

WHIPPED CREAM – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

RL Grime – Core (Slow Graffiti Mega Edit)

The number one Electronic album in Canada on iTunes is Trap god RL Grime’s debut, Void. A full length from one who has helped popularize the genre and maintained it for years now just can’t go unnoticed. LA’s Slow Graffiti early on the remix of the lead single, in Mega Edit form.

Slow Graffiti – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

#FCMV54 | Mixed by Yarinka Collucci

Long time internet friend and #CyberBabe Yarinka Collucci has been strong advocate for House. Having received notoriety from the likes of Generation Bass and Seapunk Gang you may be able to imagine the brand of House. But that’s a picture you can paint yourself. Listen, love & download this new high energy and possibly Fidget House minimix.

Yarinka Collucci – Facebook | Soundcloud | Tumblr

SLUGGERS – Horizon

Miami’s SLUGGERS done swooped in for the MCR39 place by churing out some seriously dirty tunage in the ‘Voyager EP’ . ‘Horizon’ was the standout hurr. You can downlaod the rest of the EP HERE for a limited one month only time.

SLUGGERS – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

OJI x VOLTA – Horny (色魔)

Does Mad Decent’s Liz rev your engine? Does she make you randy, Horney Even? Ever liked any of the beats under her? Well, it just so happens ‘Do I Like‘ was produced in part by OJI x VOLTA. The two have continued on working together and are proudly presenting their debut single, ‘Horny’ ;) Get to know and do the follow thing. Links ↓ ↓ ↓

OJI x VOLTA – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter – OJI, VOLTA

NVOY – You Are

London duo NVOY very openly makes music for beautiful women. Once you listen to this you’ll understand quite well. And if music for beautful women isnt enough of a sell their sound is right up the alley of an Annie Mac “Free Music Monday.”

NVOY – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Black Coast – TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix)

Turns out Lucian’s Future game is on a hunnid at all times. Within this remix you will experience the perfect balance between Indie vocals and large future blasts. A chord has been struck if you will. Tis free for download HERE.

Lucian – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Wet Paint – Gold Lights

Sweet jeebus! East Coasters crushing the sound of the interior. Clean hard hitting funk is just a click away. The duo consists of “cosmic funk-o-nauts” James Gaudet and Dan Shanahan who are looking at a new EP release in the new year. This is your taste.

Wet Paint – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Ty Dolla $ign – Stand For (Produced by Diplo & DJ Dahi)

As Diplo’s commercial success grows, the burning question of how much the Mad Decent head honcho, Katy Perry dicking, Hollertronix / Florida man really producers grows along with it. Dope track tho.

Purple Crush, Raja & Josh Peace – Shock and Awe (Tittsworth Remix)

The legendary Tittsworth will be live @ The Waldorf this coming Friday, that’s the 21st to yous calendar dependants. Luckily he’s just released a newer jammer to add to your already massive list of want to hears. Originally made for a drag show, said tune bares the high energy needed to move such a, or just any ol crowd as a standout. Soooo, download & RSVP to the Friday appearance in #Vancouver.

Tittsworth – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter