La+ch – California

I’ve been really into funky anthems, especially of the nostalgic nu-disco vibe type, the homie LA+CH has come forward with another awesome banger of such style:

If you like this song, I also reccomend getting into this jam by Cherokee ft. Gibbz called Teenage Fantasy- can’t get enough of these tunes.

Over and out, #FunkFam

Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound Of Silence (The Golden Pony Remix)

I was informed that my east coast homies the Golden Pony have recently put their immensely popular remix series up for free download. They’ve got everyone from Flume & Chet Faker to ILOVEMAKONNEN and now I’m happy to bring these rad tunes to your attention once again!

Their remix of Simon & Garfunkel is clearly one of those timeless tunes that you just can’t fuck with, but the subtlety of their edit is such that the original nature of the song is left untouched. This tune really brings me back to when I was a kid, so I guess that the remix blends a bit smoother for me.

Check their remix of Dr. Dre’s classic Forgot About Dre and as always, grab the free download and slap these tunes on your iPod!

SkiiTour – Thank You Larry

Some Jackin House from Whistler’s own SkiiTour. BC residents, if you’ve never caught these guys live, make it a priority. Highlights include Tim & Dave decked out in full ski gear, killer house sets and fake snow raining down from the DJ booth. Don’t forget to visit their soundcloud and grab your free download.

OfficialSoundcloud / Facebook

Pigeon Hole – Bow Wow

Pigeon Hole tend to kick up the most dust in the new year leading up to festival time. It’s a good sign. Tends to get the mood built. This year has some G-Funk in rotation, another welcome surprise. The Snoop D O double G laced wobbles on in a true West Coast fashion.

Pigeon Hole – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

The Polish Ambassador – Sonido Del Sol feat Ryan Herr & Saqi (RoboCLIP Remix)

Back in Raincouver on one of those classic rainy days, the light rain ones that catch you and dampen you out for a period of the day. T̶h̶o̶s̶e̶ these days are always made more with music climatized to what’s out the window. All bloggers make mention of this sometime. This is today’s rainy one, full equiped with every element needed in a rainy day tune. From the sound of rain, to chill latin / electronic fusion. Ups to Salt lake city’s RoboCLIP.

RoboCLIP – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

OT Genasis – CoCo (Slot-A Footwork Remix)

Most creative remix in a minute. Let alone of the anthem, ‘CoCo’ . Slot-A has been on the radar for a minute as one of the most consistently good remixers, this one though, goes ahead and levels up to a higher up pedestal. The below Common remix came out same day as the ‘CoCo’ Footwork re-envision.

Slot-A – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Karaoke Tundra – Your Rules (Spoiledchild Rex Remix)

If Electronic is to be the music of a generation, then this could be one of em angst tracks. It’s a deeper Footwork number originally by Czech Repub. based Karaoke Tunrda taken on by a name lacking in findable accounts. The remix is an excerpt from M E D V E D E’s ‘Vedia Vol 3′ , which includes Ultrademon, BSN Posee and more forward thinking music alike the below, and can be purchased in full on Bandcamp.

Karaoke Tundra – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk (The Noisy Freaks ft. Andrew Hunt Remix)

The Noisy Freaks have been on my go-to list for a minute now. To call them funk gods would be an understatement. Already have garnered tons of support from Gramatik and other known artists in the scene, this remix is a turning point in their career, for sure.

Catchy as old hell, I highly recommend cruising through their vast selection of releases as displayed via their Soundcloud. A lot are up for free download, including this brand new beauty of a gem!

Get your funk on:

Solidisco & Fireflowerz – Unreal (Lefti Remix)

Future-tropical-disco-house. Really surprising and interesting combo. Lefti delivers today with his brand new remix of Solidisco & Fireflowerz. Get immersed in this world that reminds me somewhat of the Sonic the Hedgehog theme-song and an 80’s disco track… I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart lately and honestly this song would be a great gameplay tune. No joke.

It’s also worth noting that you can grab the free download for the small price of providing your email adress.

CAPPA – “Hush”‏

Pop up-and-comer CAPPA hits us with some new material, after a long-drawn 2 year hiatus on all releases. We couldn’t be happier. If you love huge female vocal leads, you’ll dig this. Word to all producers – if you’re looking for an up-and-comer to bootleg – this release will be a dream come true.

Check out what all the fuss is about:

“I want people to feel like they can escape everyday life,” CAPPA says. “I think that’s what we’re all looking for when we’re listening to music, and I hope that listeners can do that with mine.” Stay tuned for more from CAPPA as she prepares the release of her EP later this Spring. ​”

Memoryy – Young Oblivion

Shaun Hettinger has been making moves in the music scene for years now. Currently making transformational sounds in experimental indie / electronic music, I have a lot of respect for this dude due to the visceral nature of his productions  – working in film and TV doing compositions for a living, but using Memoryy as his own personal intuitive musical outlet. Living the dream, one would say!

Today, I’m super happy to be privileged enough to bring you guys a first look at his most recent release – Young Oblivion. The tune feature lavish vocal harmonies and instrumentation of varying sorts – all of which blend into a cinematic pop thriller of a tune, sending the listener on many nostalgic but yet futuristic trip through their own mind.

Without further ado, here it is! Enjoy the FREE Download.

WERK – A Late Supper

A belated post for Vancouver island’s WERK debut EP, ‘A Late Supper’ . The 22 year old has become the latest in what is becoming a long line of local greats with international reach. Making his own way with “Ghetto Trap”, which sounds like a perfect melding of Future Bass and the Ghetto Tech of old, with a lil Trap in there as well. MalLabel Music is out with the release and ‘A Late Supper’ can be DL’d HERE.

Also worth some peep game is WERK’s contributions to the High Noon Artist Pact:

WERK – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter